Using Skype to Build a Business

Using Skype to Build a Business
Parliament Tutors had already been using Skype to recruit and train tutors and had begun testing it for tutoring sessions. So he started having his tutors use Skype to tutor clients. After Sandy, parents were happy to adapt and students, though a …
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eBay pen pal Carl Icahn strikes again over Skype deal
Icahn's beef is that Andreessen couldn't have been able to recuse himself from eBay deliberations over what to do with Skype. eBay acquired Skype in 2005 for $ 2.5 billion, said in 2009 that it would separate the unit and launch an IPO and then sold the …
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Microsoft launches Skype for Outlook globally — and it should work properly now
Microsoft today made its Skype for plug-in available worldwide, adding HD video calling for PC users and fixing an irritating glitch that caused calls to continue to ring after recipients had picked them up. This issue affected folks using …
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AddPeople – 5 tips to help SMEs generate leads using social media

(PRWEB UK) 4 April 2013

Business owners need to dedicate time and effort into their social media strategy if they wish to extract value as inactive profiles will not capture an audience.

Social media is a great resource for communicating with clients and can be utilised as a customer service arm for the business if used effectively, but SMEs also have the opportunity to make a ROI from their social media effort. Here AddPeople, the digital marketing specialist, list 5 tips that can help SMEs generate leads and hopefully increase revenue.

Focus on the right platform

According to Hubspots inbound marketing report of 2012, B2B companies say they have acquired the most new customers via LinkedIn while 72% of B2C businesses are getting the most value from Facebook. SMEs need to do their research and determine what platform is going to deliver the most value in order to avoid wasting valuable resources.

Interact and connect

By 2014, social networking will replace email as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of business users according to Gartner, Inc. Business owners need to make sure that they dont fall behind competition and use social media to interact with their customers and prospects. To give the best impression, SMEs must ensure they respond to enquiries and answer questions in a timely manner. Business owners should always be genuine with their approach as social profiles with personality tend to encourage positive reactions.

Create sharable content

Generating creative and unique content will help SMEs grow their following whilst establishing themselves as industry leaders. Often webinar, articles and tips work well but business owners should trial and test different approaches in order to discover what works for their audience. SMEs should not be afraid to post third party content as this will complement their own effort and ensure their profiles are always active.

Employ landing pages

Landing pages are an effective way of capturing leads through social media, offering valuable content such as e-book or white paper is a fair exchange for contact information and will help improve conversions. Business owners should be cautious not to publish large amounts of promotional material as this may diminish the creditability of the brand.

Nurture your leads

Social media can add value to a brand and is a great way to nurture leads that are not ready to make a buying decision just yet. Regular communication and interaction will build rapport with followers and help SMEs make their business stand out from competitors.

AddPeople have been working on the digital marketing strategies for SMEs for over 10 years and have recently been awarded One to Watch status by Sunday Times Best Companies 2013. For more information on the services AddPeople provide, visit their website at or follow them on twitter for the latest digital marketing news.