New SocialPoint App Provides A Single Interface To Manage Multiple Social Media Feeds

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) September 10, 2014

SocialPoint is the first social media management utility designed to allow social posting, social feed filtering, complete social interaction capabilities, and the ability to search social media feeds using keywords. The Android app also integrates with AT&T messenger.

SocialPoint is quickly gaining traction as a simple, user-friendly, free, and functional social media management system designed for the non-professional social media user. SocialPoint offers a clean, fun, and intuitive interface. Stuffed with advanced features, it is available via Google Play, Amazon, and in the Apple Store. The app provides users a home where all of their important social media feeds are available in one place. It also features advanced search functionality and content posting functions on most networks. The latest iOS update allows the ability to aggregate all of the feeds, as well as post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare. The ability to manage Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, and AT&T is coming soon to the iOS app. The Android app manages Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and AT&T Messenger.

SocialPoints goal is to eliminate the hassle of multiple logins, and simplify each users fragmented social media experience. It offers true organization without unnecessary hassle, all managed through a simple and highly intuitive interface. The basic version is available free of charge on both platforms. Some advanced functions are available to Android users for a small fee. Visit the App Store on iOS or Google Play to download the app.

New ComicsVerse Social Network Features Original and Rare Content Including Exclusive Comic Book Podcasts and Interviews for Sophisticated Fans

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

ComicsVerse is a new social network for the sophisticated comic book fan. The website features all original content, including podcasts, interviews, reviews, videos, polls, and an interactive community with a live chat room. The site welcomes anyone who wants to delve deeper into the literary and philosophical aspects of mainstream and independent comics. ComicsVerse is the creation of two Columbia University alumni – Justin Gilbert Alba and Anatole Ashraf. Inspired by the theories of Scott McLoud, the premier comic book theorist, the pair analyze and provide in-depth criticism of both mainstream and independent publications. The site engages its visitors to discuss the characters and themes in comics, alongside original podcasts and video interviews of comic book creators focusing on the artistic process behind the scenes. Comic book fans can Like ComicsVerse on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at @ComicsVerse.

ComicsVerse is great for fans who have become disenchanted and stepped away from comics or for people who are new to them, said ComicsVerse Co-Founder Justin Alba. We strive to offer an unparalleled level of intellectual immersion and exploration for comic book fans. We created ComicsVerse to be a feature-rich global social network for the sophisticated comic book fan who is seeking a higher level of interaction and in-depth discussion. We analyze and provide theory surrounding the mainstream, such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics but also have our eyes on underground and independent comics, concluded Alba.

ComicsVerse podcasts feature lively and provocative discussions with a host of guests as Alba and Ashraf delve into the issues and themes of current and past releases. Interviews feature Ashraf chatting with the likes of X-MENs Olivier Coipel, Simone Bianchi, and Ben Templesmith, just to name a few. The ComicsVerse Blog provides the latest news, events and links in the world of comic books and graphic novels.

Beyond original content, our sites social features give fans the opportunity to continue the discussion by uploading their own videos and photos as well as connecting in a live chat room or through instant messenger, concluded Ashraf.

ComicsVerse invites comic book creators, professional artists, pencilers, inkers and others involved in the comic book industry to contact them via email at submissions (at) if they would like to have their work featured on the website or be considered for an interview or podcast. Visit for more information or check out their videos on the ComicsVerse YouTube Channel at

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AddPeople – 5 tips to help SMEs generate leads using social media

(PRWEB UK) 4 April 2013

Business owners need to dedicate time and effort into their social media strategy if they wish to extract value as inactive profiles will not capture an audience.

Social media is a great resource for communicating with clients and can be utilised as a customer service arm for the business if used effectively, but SMEs also have the opportunity to make a ROI from their social media effort. Here AddPeople, the digital marketing specialist, list 5 tips that can help SMEs generate leads and hopefully increase revenue.

Focus on the right platform

According to Hubspots inbound marketing report of 2012, B2B companies say they have acquired the most new customers via LinkedIn while 72% of B2C businesses are getting the most value from Facebook. SMEs need to do their research and determine what platform is going to deliver the most value in order to avoid wasting valuable resources.

Interact and connect

By 2014, social networking will replace email as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of business users according to Gartner, Inc. Business owners need to make sure that they dont fall behind competition and use social media to interact with their customers and prospects. To give the best impression, SMEs must ensure they respond to enquiries and answer questions in a timely manner. Business owners should always be genuine with their approach as social profiles with personality tend to encourage positive reactions.

Create sharable content

Generating creative and unique content will help SMEs grow their following whilst establishing themselves as industry leaders. Often webinar, articles and tips work well but business owners should trial and test different approaches in order to discover what works for their audience. SMEs should not be afraid to post third party content as this will complement their own effort and ensure their profiles are always active.

Employ landing pages

Landing pages are an effective way of capturing leads through social media, offering valuable content such as e-book or white paper is a fair exchange for contact information and will help improve conversions. Business owners should be cautious not to publish large amounts of promotional material as this may diminish the creditability of the brand.

Nurture your leads

Social media can add value to a brand and is a great way to nurture leads that are not ready to make a buying decision just yet. Regular communication and interaction will build rapport with followers and help SMEs make their business stand out from competitors.

AddPeople have been working on the digital marketing strategies for SMEs for over 10 years and have recently been awarded One to Watch status by Sunday Times Best Companies 2013. For more information on the services AddPeople provide, visit their website at or follow them on twitter for the latest digital marketing news.