Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan Comments on AT&T and Changing Industry

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

After 4pm today AT&T announced their quarterly earnings today according to Fox News and Reuters.

The following are a few comments from Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan.

These are not comments on AT&T earnings. These are comments on the changing AT&T in a changing industry.

According to Jeff Kagan, “AT&T performance through 2012 looks very strong. They are in quite a few different businesses all centering on communications. 2013 looks like this strength will continue as AT&T moves into wireless health care and wireless automotive. They did not discuss this, however I expect AT&T to start moving into other industries in 2013 as well.”

Wireless is a key to the future of not only AT&T, but nearly every other industry. And other industries will require wireless networks as they update.

“So based on this report, and the analyst meeting I attended in November, it looks like AT&T is on a strong growth path.” says Kagan

AT&T is handling the industry wide spectrum shortage by acquiring more from other companies. This will continue. However the industry wide spectrum shortage still needs to be solved for AT&T and every other wireless network, large and small.

AT&T is not just a phone company any longer. AT&T is in many different businesses and that list is growing. They are in the wireless, telephone, Internet and television business. Only local phone is not growing, which is the same with Verizon. Churn is low. The shared data plans are growing. AT&T gives the customer the choice whether to use the shared plan or not.

“Generally speaking it looks like AT&T continues to be on a strong growth path.” says Kagan.

About Jeff Kagan

Jeff Kagan is an Industry Analyst who has been quoted by reporters and the media, thousands of times, over 25 years, in news stories from all of the major media.

He offers comment on tech news stories to reporters and journalists.

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Kagan is an Analyst, Consultant, Columnist and Speaker.

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