Electric Universe 2013: My Skype call w/the Thunderbolts & Mr2

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25 thoughts on “Electric Universe 2013: My Skype call w/the Thunderbolts & Mr2

  1. De bunker-defined
    1) They refuse to mention, much less attempt to disprove, the most irrefutable and damaging evidence.

    2) Love “straw man” argument, Where a weak or false argument is set up so that it can easily be knocked down.

    3) They only select “experts” who agree with the official conclusion.

    4) They snicker at or mock anyone who believes in anything outside the mainstream accepted norm. Worse, they label dissenters as or mentally imbalanced.
    -By Joel Skousen
    -edited by me

  2. This is an excellent comment. I happen to favor both ideas, but cannot deny your logic.

  3. The conflation of the ideas about planetary repositioning and ancient myths, etc., with the electric universe ideas may detract from the credibility of E.U. theory. E.U. theory can and should stand on its own merits without the other.
    I am not discounting the possibility of such planetary events, but it is far more speculative than E.U. theory, since plasma phenomena can be demonstrated in the laboratory and eventually tested for in space.

  4. Cosmic Thunderbolts are one way… stellar explosions, massive collisions… these things still happen in the electric universe. I always say these guys and NASA need to put their cocks away and focus on finding harmony. Can you get behind that idea??

  5. My major concern with the Electric Universe is voiced by another person on a random forum which I found upon Google searching “electric universe heavy elements”. It’s the first Google result from the site cosmoquest org. Please check it out and reply here to clarify. I’d really like to know how heavier elements are accounted for in the Electric Universe.

  6. “Gravity” then is just the “ashes” of “electro-magnetic” energy? is “plasma” also the same thing as the “phlogiston”? hooray Velikovsky!

  7. @William Spann how can you say black holes don’t exist when they have been observed from earth?

  8. The theory is interesting, and i dont see how anyone can discount energy/electrical nature of all that we see, and interact with. The solar system/ universe radically changing is pretty hard to fit in, at least in the short term of 10s of thousand years. But the evidence on Mars does look like it was a shorted out planet. The arcs had to be massive and well beyond human comprehension. Nothing but questions.

  9. OK, so do you think Wallace Thornhill is a crackpot? By extension then, do you consider all natural philosopher’s to be “crackpots”?

    As Spock would say ” Fascinating Jim!”

  10. No. Not zero-point energy,The sun is simply responding to it’s interstellar/galactic electrical environment. The sun and all stars are the focal point of what’s called a stellar “Z-pinch”, or “Bennet pinch”, which in the suns case, focuses the electrical energy flowing in the Birkeland currents that extend from the central plasmoid of the Milky Way galaxy, along it’s spiral arms flowing outward. And, no, there is no black hole at the center of our or any galaxy, because black holes do not exist.

  11. Correction:

    Gravity & Magnetism are both products (or more properly, derivatives forces) of the Electric Force.

  12. is the sun using zero-point energy to power itself, since it’s powering itself from the external source?

  13. Walter russel blended the EU with god the whole way. NONE of those are issues for the EU - I am highly insulted that you think we havent heard those arguments and beat them already. ‘Beat’ is the wrong word – “found harmony” is better.

  14. All you need to know about debunmking Electric universe. Enjoy.


  15. ancient technology, as with future technology, was implosion based NOT explosion based.

    Watch “The Pyramid Code”, amazing stuff surrounding conductivity of stone. Though they did utilize ambient ionized radiation produced by granite encasement to promote conductivity.

  16. any scientist that doesnt have a unified field theory (all scientists) and presumes to know the answer to one aspect of the universe is simply a pollutant.

    Fix your math or stfu.

  17. Exploration of Nuclear Physics is one of the biggest lies of our Life today. We just only Copy a Technology of an ancient race from the Builders of the Pyramids.
    Playing with the Energy of the Universe will be the end of the Earth without wisdom just like Goverments and Polticians do to control the Population with fear and anger.

  18. So where is the convection on the sun? Why did einstein shift to agreement with Velikovsky before he died? Why do they need to invent ‘dark matter and dark energy’ when they cant find 97% of the universe in their equations. Nice try, but I’ll own you on this all day. Name the topic. ANYTHING. Better yet… go find me a scientist.

  19. It’s exciting. It’s like Zeus and the Thunderbolt. What will that Thunderbolt actually do? I still have a lot of videos to watch. Research to do. I am a beginner.
    But THANK YOU for reassurring me that I will get it.

  20. Gravity is a product or form of Magnetism. Magnetism is the the simplest form of our existence from what i understand. Electricity and Gravity are both Products of Magnetism.

  21. 311 – Electricity
    a choice band – check da lyric

    The same force that flows through every circuit
    The juice that’s spent everytime you work it
    Every life form is based on this simplicity
    The soul that you have is electricity

  22. Hasonthetube,

    No worries mate. You’ll get it. When the light goes on, everything changes.

  23. yep, S/O is right. The electric currents (Birkeland currents) originate from the core of the Milky Way galaxy. Not from a super-massive black hole that the mainstream storytellers imagine is there at the core.

    Google : thunderbolts core milky way

    and you’ll see literally dozens of articles and forum posts on the subject at the Thunderbolts.info site

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