Communication Access Realtime Translation: CART Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) provides access to communication for individuals who are deaf. Also available with audio description: http:/…

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Hacked Screenshots Show Friend-To-Friend Payments Feature Hidden In

Hacked Screenshots Show Friend-To-Friend Payments Feature Hidden In
Facebook Messenger is all set up to allow friends to send each other money. All Facebook has to do is turn on the feature, according to screenshots and video taken using iOS app exploration developer tool Cycript by Stanford computer science student …
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MESSENGER spacecraft sees lunar eclipse from Mercury
The movie consists of 31 MDIS NAC (Mercury Dual Imaging System Narrow Angle Camera) frames taken two minutes apart from 09:18 UTC to 10:18 UTC on October 8. MESSENGER made the movie from a distance of 107 million kilometers / 66 million miles.
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How did engineers make Facebook Messenger more efficient?
As Facebook unbundled messaging from the main mobile app, the company started making major improvements to its standalone Facebook Messenger app. A blog post by Facebook engineers Jeremy Fein and Jason Jenks shows how the social network …
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Grouping App Makes Residents the New Crime Stoppers

Singapore (PRWEB) October 01, 2014

Grouping makes neighborhood safer by connecting the residents instantly. The watchful community alerts the residents of any criminal or anti-social behavior that may occur. A closer community is another advantage as communication starts between neighbors who may not be on any common social network.

But how does one connect the residents together when even the mobile numbers are not known? Grouping takes a common message board approach to solve this tricky problem. One only needs to announce the name of a group which is created and others join it and start participating immediately. No registration is required as everyone joins the group using their preferred social network name.

Grouping is a free and fast mobile messenger that enables one to rapidly create groups and start conversations beyond your phone contacts, all within 60 seconds. Grouping is designed for one purpose – to create rapid fast groups and start communication instantly. The setup process is faster than any instant messenger. Hundreds of users without any social connection between them can start to communicate within a minute through Grouping.

One only has to create a group by entering a name and description. Others can just search for it and join. The process takes a minute after the app has been installed. Examples of neighborhood watch groups are “OrchardBoulevard_Eyes”, “Watch_ConnaughtCircus” and Lookout_JakartaCitizens”.

“The result is not only a secured neighborhood but also one with tighter bonding. Privacy is still maintained as your mobile number is not even used in the process. The local police can join these groups as easily as other members. says Rajesh Soundararajan, co-founder of Grouping.

Krishna Kumar, a resident of Gurgaon, India shared his thought: I know my neighbors now. I had no idea who were they before I started using Grouping. The common objective of making our street safer has definitely brought us close.

Grouping app is available on both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded from app stores or the site:

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