Brussels Express: Bike Messengers

A documentary about bike messengers in Brussels, the most congested city in Europe with only 4% cycling traffic. Directed, shot & edited by Sander Vandenbrou…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A music video it’s so relax and good.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Brussels Express: Bike Messengers

  1. This fella forgot to install brakes on his bike. Btw I’m aware how fixed
    gear works, still no excuse for not having brakes

  2. Great video. I live in Belgium, at about 20 km of Brussels. Brussels has
    always been a nightmare trafficwise, but the last 2-3 years it has spread
    throughout Belgium. I’m a sales manager and travel a lot, but I’ve been
    refusing meetings in rush hour to any place because traffic is insane.
    Besides this, I’m a big cycling enthousiast and I’m even considering of
    quitting my job & finding something else to do, to avoid traffic and to be
    able to go to work, by bike. Time the Belgian gouvernment takes control
    over the growing traffic and demotes the car as main transport.

  3. When I lived near Amsterdam I used to get on my racingbicycle – without
    working brakes – and went into Amsterdam. Did this for well over 3 years,
    and I enjoyed every bit of it and never got hurt.

  4. Argh, I’m getting the bicycle cravings. C’mon winter, time to piss off.

  5. The analysis of the relationship of the city and the car contained in this
    clip is incredible. I am surprised to learn many things from this video,
    also having been a former bike messenger myself. First, that bike couriers
    didn’t work in Brussels until the 21st Century. Second, they nicked all
    their fashion from North American city messengers! But even more than that,
    I learned that I had an idea of Northern European cities as virtual bike
    utopias with no bike v. car type sociopolitical conflicts. That idea is
    completely wrong, Brussels seems even behind N. American cities in
    development of bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure. What is actually quite
    refreshingly naive is the honesty with which traffic is referenced, it
    approaches the diagnosis of pathology verging on articulation.
    Brussels Express: Bike Messengers

  6. This blew me away. I used to have to go through the center every day to
    school for 2 years and it was a nightmare getting there and back not to
    mention expensive! The roads are just really bike unfriendly, with most of
    the roads taken up by tram lines in the middle of the road in the city.I
    think they could probably do with ditching a few tram lines or at least not
    making them so wide cause really it’s like 60% of the road in the middle is
    for trams and/or another 20% with parked cars each side and then 20% for
    the traffic with parked cars to the right and Trams to the left. They need
    way less parked cars on the side and a lot more bike lanes, or maybe merge
    the traffic with the tram lines in some parts. 

  7. these guys say brussels is gridlocked haha, they clearly have never seen
    downtown Los Angeles or New York City

  8. In some way, this encourages me to be a bike messenger even more. I’m only
    fourteen, but I would love to be a bike messenger when I am a little older.

  9. Nice. Simple docu about Brussels’ traffic problems with a perspective from
    the cyclists. For once the couriers aren’t presented as arrogant red light
    jumping cocks, but intelligent folk with an insight. #cycling

  10. I thought Calgary was bad(I mean, it is, but not Brussels bad). Smarten up,

  11. It’s not just about me on a bike, and you in your car. We are all traffic.
    And we need to figure out a way to make it better for every one.

  12. although it is a cover i must admit it is one of my
    favourites from this band great song and poignant in many ways!!!

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