Icq Song

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When me and my friend walked trough the mall (Amfi) in Steinkjer, we got nerdgasm as we saw this brilliant Star Wars-Lego hologram in a toy store.

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  1. Voll gay, MsN tritt IcQ in den Arsch. Aber 100%. Habs zwar auch, aber nur weil meine Freunde zu dumm sind MsN runterzuladen ;)

  2. hdgdl


  3. extreeeem alt den hatte ich vor 3 oder 4 jahren mal aufn handy :D :D:D =D aber mal wieder so zu hörten schockt trotzdem ^

  4. lol nice,müsste nur lauter sein (kp aber der song is arsch leise) und länger sein,1min oder so..

  5. OMJ! This is why I love Star Wars! The coolness, awesomeness display! Geekgasm, nerdgasm, OMJasm! Wow. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi , i convert this amazing clip into 3D 1080p Side-by-side format , look here : watch?v=NMIhzC7NWGI

  7. seeing this and the Tupac Shakur hologram makes me note y the hell dont they get to making Yugioh holograms… I gotta admit it world be the most expensive thing to do eva, but the payoff… Lord… Meh, only a pipe dream for now..

  8. Interviewer: Hey Mr. Lucas…, how are you planning to expand and exploit the Star Wars products to make you even more unbelievably wealthy ? …. Mr. Lucas: LoL wut ? Hey look at these sweet holograms…

  9. oh yeah
    i saw that in galeria kaufhof germany and it is awesome
    it is also in the legoland^^

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