21 thoughts on “29. Communication Services – Leopard Server

  1. Yeah the TF2 team need to start actually following this philosophy because
    the Beta is gone and SPUF is ignored.

  2. Listen to your costumers.. rofl. Just because it’s on their list doesn’t
    mean they follow it.

  3. As a dev who is just now learning the whole marketing and PR side of
    things, this video is incredibly valuable. Thanks Valve!

  4. So is riccochet 2 going to be a “game service”? Is that why there’s so much
    hesitation? Valve doesn’t know how to make hl3 a game service which Gabe
    may have eluded to in the two nerdist podcasts he did.

  5. At around 37 minutes, Robin pretty much confirms Half-Life 3 with his
    comment of not publicly talking about a 5 year project they’re making.

  6. Russian play more 30 or 40 players in one game day ) if the game for 64
    players we need 64 people chat . We have now allot of problem on PS4
    And X-Box . Communication very important for game zone RU .
    Please don’t Forget about This . Maybe Team speak . ?
    Thanks and good Luck . 

  7. He gives a lecture on communication, but then there is no Q&A at the end
    :O. I would’ve been curious to see what kind of questions other developers
    had, and how he thought about them.

  8. Diretide was definitely a communication failure. If it hadn’t been pitched
    as an annual thing in 2012, nobody would have asked for it in 2013

  9. “Bad communication is worse than none” The whole diretide mess was 100% due
    to no communication, players just wanted to know if there would be an
    event, either way.

  10. Nice how they completely avoid the point that gamers are vicious, negative
    fundamentalists that will find a reason to hate you in anything you post,
    unless you hit the right note in which case they will worship you.

  11. I bet the guys who got the sales boost after their communication were the
    Tripewire Team. Also TWO years of hinting the Mann vs Machine o.O